EnduraSeal consists of either a 250um or 500um LLDPE geomebrane liner between two layers of industry leading bidim nonwoven geotextile. bidim provides a cushion effect to the LLDPE geomembrane, protecting it from damage from angular subgrade materials and aggregates.

Enduraseal is easy to install with use of the Geofabrics glue laminating system - removing the need for complex wedge welding on site by specialist lining installers. 



EnduraSeal allows water to flow within the plane of the geocomposite, allowing the dissipation of pore water pressure which can have a detrimental effect on engineering structures.


EnduraSeal provides separation between the subgrade and the drainage aggregate layer, preventing migration of subgrade materials into the aggregate layer above  - maintaining the performance of the individual materials.


EnduraSeal prevents damage to geomembrane by limiting deformation and puncturing potential.


EnduraSeal prevents water from entering the synthetic grass system from the subgrade - preventing moisture variations which can lead to differential settlement.


  • Easy to Install  -  EnsuraSeal can easily be made waterproof at overlaps and joins with use of the Geofabrics glue laminating system. The system is available to hire exclusively from Geofabrics and it doesn't require any specialist skills or expertise to operate. 
  • In stock when you need it  -  Geofabrics aims to have EnduraSeal in stock ready for when you need it. This means you don't need to store large quantities of stock or tie up capital in stock holdings.
  • Custom grades to suit site conditions  -  For large specialty applications we can produce EnduraSeal in a range of geomembrane and geotextile grade combinations to suit your site conditions and aggregate requirements. 
  • Design and installation support - EnduraSeal is supported by technical assistance from our Geofabrics engineers. Installation equipment is also available to help ensure efficient and correct installation.
  • Australian made  -  EnduraSeal is manufactured in Albury at Geofabrics' award winning factory. 


Placement procedures for EnduraSeal should be in accordance with the project specifications. This will include compliance with stripping, grubbing and final trim, grading requirements, cover material specifications, lift thicknesses and equipment requirements. Other considerations such as placement in wind should be addressed in construction or site specific specifications.

Performance considerations such as removal of wrinkles and folds or pre-tensioning the geocomposite should also be addressed as specified. 

Overlaps should be joined using the Geofabrics glue laminating system with the supplied glue.

For more information about installation of EnduraSeal using the Geofabrics glue laminating system please contact your local branch.