Enduraseal® Green is a geocomposite liner designed for use in artificial turf sports fields to protect synthetic grass from subgrade moisture variations which can lead to differential settlement. 

Made in Australia, it consists of a polyethylene PE geomembrane liner between two layers of Bidim® Green non-woven geotextile. The Bidim Green geosynthetic layer prevents damage of the liner by limiting deformation and puncturing potential from subgrade materials and aggregates such as granular stones, gravel and sand.

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  • Allows water to flow within the plane of the geocomposite, allowing the dissipation of pore water pressure
  • Provides separation between the subgrade and the drainage aggregate layer, preventing the migration of subgrade materials into the layer above
  • Acts as a barrier to prevent water from entering the synthetic grass from the subgrade, limiting moisture variations which can lead to differential settlement
  • Limits damage to the waterproof membrane with Bidim Green non-woven geotextile which also acts as a cushioning layer
  • Easy to install using a glue laminating system which is available from Geofabrics that does not require site specialist skills or expertise


Placement procedures for Enduraseal Green should be in accordance with the project specifications. This will include compliance with stripping, grubbing and final trim, grading requirements, cover material specifications, lift thicknesses and equipment requirements. Other considerations such as placement in wind should be addressed in construction or site specific specifications.

Performance considerations such as removal of wrinkles and folds or pre-tensioning the geocomposite should also be addressed as specified. Overlaps should be joined using the glue laminating system supplied by Geofabrics, with the glue provided.

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