Tensar® offers a wide range of cost-saving solutions to support the unique requirements of mining and tunnelling construction, including a family of lightweight polymeric grid products, designed to provide supplemental roof and rib skin control for the most demanding conditions. They are impervious to acidic environments and have very similar strength characteristics to steel, but at a fraction of steel's weight. These properties add up to a drastic reduction in back, hand, and facial installation injuries, due to product weight and flexibility. 

Tensar roof mats help secure mine and tunnel roofs and ribs for safer and more efficient mining operations. Its composition and weight significantly reduce back, hand and facial injuries while handling, and it cuts installation time by 75% over chain link or welded wire mesh. All Tensar mining grids are corrosion resistant and are easy to install.

Tensar SS product image


  • Ideal for underground mining applications like roof and rib control, and long-wall shield recovery screens
  • Non-combustible compared to the use of steel in coal mining
  • Reduces installation and material handling time up to 75%, compared with metal reinforcement
  • Durable geogrids that are unaffected by aggressive soil conditions and resist chemical, biological and environmental degradation
  • Polymer grid structure will not corrode in a damp environment and is totally impervious to acidic mining conditions
  • Rib-rib flexibility allowing continous roof-to-rib reinforcement for secure mining entry corners
  • Strength equivalent to 8 gauge welded wire modules at 1/7th of the weight
  • White reflective colour for increased entry brightness


Tensar Mining Geogrid body image