A Silt Curtain can either a permeable or impervious structure that sits suspended in the water column to control migrating water borne sediment. Also known as a turbidity curtain, flotation curtain or silt screen, the silt curtain’s function is to contain disturbed sediment about one to two meters from the water surface. This allows suspended sediment to settle and drop within the water column by controlling dispersion. A silt curtain provides the necessary environment and time for the suspended sediment to settle to the bottom.


Silt Curtains are installed around civil works in or adjacent to waterways to control the migration of suspended silt and sediment into the waterway. Silt Curtains are constructed to meet different waterway conditions with the objective to provide a settling time and allow the dispersed silt or sediment time to fall to the bottom.

The purpose of a Silt Curtain is to control the migration of suspended silt and sediment and facilitate localised settling. It is not meant to create a filtration media, but to create a controlled area of containment so that settling can occur.

When designing and installing a Silt Curtain there are many important factors to consider including flow rates, water depths, conditions and project duration.

Common applications include:

  • Bridge construction or repair
  • Rock wall construction or repair
  • Jetty construction or repair
  • Civil works in or adjacent to waterways
  • Coastal or marine dredging
  • Excavation
  • Sediment pond management
  • Tailings dams dredging


  • Oil resistant and crumble free closed cell flotation
  • UV stabilised materials
  • Non-woven geotextile with 90 micron pore size and strong flow rate
  • Zipper and ASTM Z-connectors allow for easy handling and management
  • Strengthening webbing located across the curtain for added support
  • Long lasting high quality components
  • Customisable as required for conditions
  • Depths up to 20m available 
  • Handles and hardware for rapid deployment
  • Full product support


Our Flotation Curtains can be supplied in a variety of designs. These are:

  • Class 1: Ideal for short term use in calm water states.
  • Class 2: Medium risk applications with moderate wind and/or water forces such as rivers and calm harbours. Skirt depths up to 6m.
  • Class 3: Suitable for harbour and open water sea states. Skirt depths up to 20m.
  • Heavy Duty / Permanent: An engineered Silt Curtain designed for long term deployment and rough conditions

The most popular Silt Curtain is fabricated with closed cell foam flotation, UV stabilised PVC, 260gsm nonwoven geotextile, ASTM F962 aluminium Z-connectors, YKK #10 Vislon UV treated Delrin zippers, and PVC encased galvanised chain ballast.

Custom options include external floats, stainless hardware and specialised woven geotextile. The Silt Curtains are dispatched from our factory ready for deployment.

We can assist with installation upon request. A range of accessories are available to provide a turn-key package.