Silt curtains are structures that are suspended in the water column to control water-borne sediment. They can be either permeable or impervious and are also known as turbidity curtains, flotation curtains or silt screens.

The function of a silt curtain is to contain disturbed sediment about one to two metres from the water surface, allowing suspended sediment to settle and drop within the water column by controlling dispersion. This provides the necessary environment and time for the suspended silt or sediment to fall and settle to the bottom.

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      When designing and installing a silt curtain, there are many important factors to consider including flow rate, water depth, conditions and project duration. Common uses and applications include:

      • Bridge, jetty or rock wall repair or construction
      • Civil works in or adjacent to waterways
      • Coastal or marine dredging
      • Excavation
      • Sediment pond management
      • Mine tailings dam dredging
      • Aquatic plant or toxic algae control


      • Controls the migration of suspended silt and sediment and create an area so that settling can occur in waterways
      • Resistant to oil and crumble-free closed cell flotation
      • Reinforced webbing across the curtain for added strength and support
      • Made from UV stabilised materials
      • Easy installation with handles and hardware supplied 
      • Depths of up to 20m are available 
      • Designs can be customised to meet specific project requirements such as water conditions, handling, longevity, visibility and government regulations
      • Complete design, supply and installation support available with our expert team

      Our silt curtains can be supplied in a variety of designs including:

      Class 1: Low risk applications, ideal for short term use in calm waters

      Class 2: Medium risk applications with moderate wind and/or water forces such as rivers and calm harbours. Skirt depths up to 6m.

      Class 3: High risk applications with strong wind and water forces such as open oceans, harbours, river mouths. Skirt depths up to 20m.

      Heavy Duty: High risk applications that require long term deployments in harsh conditions

      The most popular silt curtain is fabricated with closed cell foam flotation, UV stabilised PVC, 260gsm non-woven geotextile, ASTM F962 aluminium Z-connectors, YKK #10 Vislon UV treated Delrin zippers, and PVC encased galvanised chain ballast.

      Geofabrics can offer standard or custom options to suit your project, including external floats for harsh conditions, anchor sets, specialised woven and non-woven geotextiles and a range of other accessories.

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