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Our company values centre around having the power to change the game. We will show empathy and act with humility, honesty, transparency and integrity. As one team, we will break down barriers and build connections to work together.

Executive Team

  • Dennis Grech

    Dennis Grech

    CEO & Managing Director
  • Peter Tzelepis

    Peter Tzelepis

    Executive Director - Australia
  • Simon Moran

    Simon Moran

    Executive Director - New Zealand
  • Michael Loudovaris

    Michael Loudovaris

    Executive General Manager - Plascorp


  • Heather Paliouras-Head of Human Resources

    Heather Paliouras

    Head of Human Resources
  • Azmaan Seyad-General Manager – IT & Business Process

    Azmaan Seyad

    General Manager – IT & Business Process
  • Praveen Garg-General Manager - Finance & Administration

    Praveen Garg

    General Manager - Finance & Administration
  • EUSTRA DRAKOS Head of Marketing

    Eustra Drakos

    Head of Marketing

National Sales Team

  • Gavin Gray-General Manager – Sales & Logistics

    Gavin Gray

    General Manager – Sales & Logistics
  • Ben-Krzewina

    Ben Krzewina

    National Mobile Sales Manager
  • Martin Ellam-Regional Sales Manager – WA

    Martin Ellam

    Regional Sales Manager – WA

Business Development Team

  • Rajesh Bhavsar

    Rajesh Bhavsar

    General Manager - Business Development & Technical
  • Ben Lewis

    Ben Lewis

    National Mining & Water Manager - Lining Systems
  • Dale Chaychuk NBD Manager

    Dale Chaychuk

    National Business Development Manager – Slopes & Walls
  • Anthony Spiteri-Business Development Manager – Waste & Containment

    Anthony Spiteri

    Business Development Manager – Waste & Containment
  • Darren Muir-Regional Sales Manager – VIC, TAS, SA & NT

    Darren Muir

    National Business Manager – Defence & Growth Markets
  • Ryan Hackney-People-photo-220X220px

    Ryan Hackney

    Environmental Solutions Specialist

Local Manufacturing Team

  • Jason Mayers-SQM

    Jason Mayers

    Production Manager – Ormeau QLD
  • Sean Smith-Production Manager

    Sean Smith

    Production Manager - Albury NSW

GRID Research & Development Team

  • Daniel Gibbs

    Daniel Gibbs

    General Manager - Technical, Research and Innovation
  • Bowei Yu

    Bowei Yu

    Technical and R&D Lab Manager
  • Gustavo Meneses

    Gustavo Meneses

    Civil Engineering Technician
  • Abid-Ali-Application-Engineer

    Abid Ali

    Senior Applications Engineer - Geotechnics