Geosynthetics for Slopes & Walls

Geofabrics offers a range of engineered slope, embankment and retaining wall solutions used to construct infrastructure projects.

  • Improved surface stability of mild slopes, water courses and spillways
  • Large height retaining walls
  • Protection of workers and assets from instability of rock faces
  • Independently verified rockfall mitigation systems

To support design of retaining walls, slopes, embankments and rockfall protection, we offer an advanced suite of Maccaferri software, free to our clients. The Geofabrics team of engineering specialists are available to give technical advice in the use of the software as well as provide in-house or seminar training. Our team can also provide certified designs if required.

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Reinforced Slopes & Retaining Walls

For slopes over 70°, Maccaferri gabions can accommodate significant differential settlement. The mesh baskets form a monolithic structure that acts as one homogeneous unit, which is permeable and suitable for use in high stress hydraulic applications.

To minimise road closure timeframes a number of projects have been completed utilising Maccaferri gabions which have been prefilled nearby and then lifted into place.

For reinforced slope systems and mechanically stabilised earth walls Maccaferri Terramesh and is a versatile, modular system that can be a more cost effective solution than the mass gravity Gabion wall because of the speed of installation and reduced rock fill requirements.

For mechanically stabilised earth slopes and embankments that require a vegetated front face, Maccaferri Green Terramesh can be filled with soil and planted, creating a green slope. 

For high walls with high loads our Keystone TW3 system maxmises the use of available land space in commercial developments. 

Verti-Block Concrete Block Retaining Walls are sized for residential and commercial use. Verti-Block offers quick & easy installation with a unique interlocking connection design that improves accuracy and mechanical connection between the blocks.

For slope and wall reinforcement, Geofabrics offers a suite of solutions including:

  • Maccaferri PVC coated double twist woven mesh reinforcement
  • Tensar RE uniaxial geogrids
  • Solmax Miragrid® GX flexible geogrids
  • Maccaferri ParaLink geogrids

Rockfall Protection

To respond to the different problems associated with instability of rock faces, Geofabrics offers a broad range of independently verified rockfall mitigation systems. The range includes:

Rockfall Netting & Drapery Systems

Maccaferri double twist mesh and Steelgrid HR drapery systems offer significant flexibility in anchor positioning, saving time and cost on site.

High Energy Absorption Panels

For applications where low deflection and high strength are required, High Energy Absorption (HEA) Cable Mesh Panels offer containment of unstable rocks with minimal deformation.

Dynamic Rockfall Barriers or Catch Fences

Maccaferri dynamic rockfall barriers/catch fences offer a rockfall protection solution for intercepting and stopping falling rocks and boulders. This is the ideal solution when a drapery systems cannot be installed due to access, topographical or economic considerations.

Hybrid & Attenuator Systems

In situations where there is available “run-out” space beneath a rockfall barrier in which the rocks can ultimately stop or be collected, Hybrid and Attenuator Systems combine the energy absorption capabilities of a dynamic rockfall barrier with the reduced maintenance advantages of drapery mesh on slopes.

Rockfall Embankments

Rockfall embankments provide protection to infrastructure and property over of a wider area than barrier fence systems. They are also able to contain or divert larger volumes of rock falls than stand alone barrier fences. Rockfall protection embankments are ideal solutions where it is not possible to intercept or prevent falling rock.

Slope Protection

Concrete Canvas is increasingly being used as an alternative to non-structural shotcrete to protect slopes from surface erosion caused by weathering, surface run-off and environmental degradation.

In certain applications Concrete Canvas can be used as structural slope stabilisation by combining it with steel mesh and soils nails.

Flood Protection

Floods cannot be prevented but can be managed with Maccaferri FlexMac, a lightweight and flexible unit made of hexagonal double-twisted wire mesh, that is reinforced with steel rods and internally lined with a non-woven geotextile. The units are filled with available materials such as sand and gravel, to create a longitudinally safety barrier around critical infrastructure.

For flood mitigation and control, FlexMac is 40 times faster to construct than traditional sandbags; enabling quick response times and rapid deployment in emergency situations.

Erosion & Sediment Control

Erosion control mats are categorised as either biodegradable, made from 100% natural fibres that are often applied as a temporary cover; or are non-biodegradable, made from synthetic fibres to provide permanent coverage. They primarily differ in the material used as well as the thickness of the mat and its relevant applications. 

The overall aim in using geosynthetics in erosion control is to maintain soil cover either as a temporary measure offering protection from soil loss while vegetation is established or as a permanent control measure, typically on steeper slopes or high water velocity situations. 

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