Coir Net can be used in both seeded revegetation applications for grass establishment or tube stock revegetation. The coir fibre can retain moisture providing ideal germination conditions while protecting soil from erosion.


Coir Net can be used for:

• Revegetation of slopes up to 1:1 grade
• Wetland construction and establishment
• Channel and river bank revegetation protection
• Swale drains
• Mining rehabilitation works.


Coir Net has both greater tensile strength and life expectancy than other bio-degradable products due to the strong fibrous quality of coir fibre. It can last up to 48 months depending on the climatic conditions.

Due to its smaller aperture size Coir Net protects both seed and tube stock prior to germination from wind and water erosion.


Coir Net is available in a range of grades based on mass from 400gsm (nominal) to 900gsm (nominal). 

Refer to our Erosion matting Installation Guide for information about how to install Coir Net on your project.

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