Case Study


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The construction of the Queensland Country Bank Stadium, located in Townsville, began in August 2017. Geofabrics was engaged to supply and design a high strength drainage system for the multi-purpose venue, which has seating capacity for up to 25,000 people.

The stadium is located in a tropical climate with high intensity rain events. Therefore, the client required a drainage system that could cope with extreme rainfall over a short period of time.


The installation consisted of Megaflo main trunk lines with 300mm and 450mm panels running lengthwise and the circumference of the field. Connecting into these main trunk lines are the 170mm panels laid in a herringbone pattern, intercepting all water through the sports field. The whole system feeds into Megaflo panels that circumnavigated the field and empty into a series of concrete pits.

The installation contractor elected to lay bidim A14 as a separator prior to installation of the Megaflo. The panels were held in place utilising soil nails installed through the panel slots into the ground; an effective technique that prevents the panels from moving as other connections in the line are added.

Once installed, the Geofabrics team visited the site to ensure the head contractor and sub contractors were happy with the result of the Megaflo system, prior to the backfill of any filtration medium and turf. The final layout was a great example of a complex Megaflo system created to meet the designers requirements


Megaflo® Green Socked Slotted Drain Pipe

  • Perforated HDPE core provides dimensional stability and field-proven structural strength for quick and effective subsurface drainage
  • Slim 40mm wide profile permits faster and more cost-effective installation in a narrower trench
  • Has twice the inflow capacity and can drain water in less than 60% of the response time compared to 100mm round pipe
  • Easy to install with a trenchless installation method which means that once a surface has been prepared and levelled, the Megaflo Green panel drain can be laid without disrupting the base level
  • With no trenches to dig, there is no need for gravel backfill and no disposal of trench spoils, resulting in a significant reduction in installation costs

Bidim® Green Non-Woven Geotextile

  • Premium non-woven geotextile made with a combination of Australian recycled PET and virgin plastic material
  • Used in the construction of roads, railways and embankments where ground is soft and unstable
  • Separates soft ground from fill material, providing filtration for drainage, increasing the life span of the road and reducing long-term maintenance costs
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