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Natural & Synthetic Turf Drainage

The Megaflo flat panel drainage system has been installed in sports fields all around the world, including world class stadiums, including FIFA World Cup, cricket, athletics and football stadia. Megaflo offers increased drainage performance when compared to conventional round pipe. The large surface area design of the Megaflo flat panel drainage system results in a water removal rate of almost twice that of a 100 mm round pipe. The increased drainage performance of Megaflo means that sports field surfaces are quickly returned to a playable condition even in wet weather.

A distinct benefit of the Megaflo rigid flat panel drainage solution is its ease of installation. Its trenchless installation method means that once a surface has been prepared and leveled, the Megaflo panel drain can then be laid without disrupting the base level. With no trenches to dig, this means there is no need for gravel backfill and no disposal of trench spoils, resulting in a significant reduction in installation costs. 

We also offer sheet drainage for underneath synthetic sportsfields. 

Bunker Formation & Lining

In the past, creating bunkers with more curves and steeper profiles meant higher maintenance costs as they were more difficult to maintain. Holding imported bunker sand on steep side slopes is possible using BunkerMat, a specially manufactured open synthetic mat which traps sand and keeps the bunker face intact.

The effective removal of excess water from the base of bunkers is important to prevent sand loss. Geofabrics Megaflo flat panel drainage system is USAPGA approved and has proven high inflow surface area. 

Both BunkerMat and Megaflo have been used in championship golf courses around the world.

Water hazards & Ornamental Lakes

Water hazards and ornamental lakes enhance the character of parks, golf courses and other recreational areas. These ponds have to be designed to blend in with the surroundings which requires the use of products that meet the technical requirements for water storage without detracting from the aesthetic appeal within a landscaped area. 

Geofabrics’ Elcoseal Geosynthetic Clay Liner is ideally suited for lining ponds as it offers an easy to install solution with easy laying to match almost any pond profile. 

Stormwater Detention & Harvesting

Due to a continued increase of global temperatures, we are all constantly faced with reducing demand on potable water sources for irrigation of gardens, courses and sportsfields.

ecoAID underground stormwater chambers offer an effective solution for sustainable capture, detention and storage of stormwater for use in irrigation schemes. 

The system can externally incorporate treatment technologies to isolate and remove pollutants and litter making it simple to maintain.

The inherent strength in the design of Australian manufactured ecoAid chambers is that they are suitable for installation underneath driveways, car parks, highways and sporting fields, and are typically used to keep public areas clear of open compensating basins and above ground water storage units.


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