Protection of one of our most vital natural resources, water - is essential. Floating covers for potable water reservoirs provide a vital function in the preservation of our water supply systems by protecting the surface thereby maintain the quality of the water and preventing water loss through evaporation.

Many water authorities recommend that all new reservoirs used for potable water storage are designed with a cover and covering of existing reservoirs undertaken.

Oasis geomembranes offers cost effective and technically superior solution to floating cover applications.


Oasis is a durable, high performance geomembranes used specifically to manufacture floating covers for potable reservoirs and water storage facilities.


Oasis has been developed with Elvaloy® technology to provide the robustness and durability needed for a membrane in this application.

The features are:

  • A chemical-resistant, highly flexible compound due to the combination of Elvaloy® and PVC in the manufacturing process.
  • High chemical resistance which will withstand water chemicals and atmospheric effects.
  • Easy welding of strong, reliable seams during the entire lifetime of the cover.
  • Utilisation of pigment chemistry that fights temperature rise by reflecting the majority of light back off the surface.
  • Available in two different thicknesses and colours.


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