Jute Mat Fine is a light-grade erosion control jute matting used to stabilise topsoil and establish seed.

Jute Mat Fine is laid over the top of the seeded area, protecting topsoil and seed from water and wind erosion while promoting a moist micro-climate for seed germination. 

Jute Mat Fine is ideal for the stabilisation of low-flow drainage lines, and assisting grass establishment on batters of up to 1:1.


Grass establishment and erosion control for:

  • Swail drains.
  • Road-side stabilisation.
  • Golf courses.
  • Steep slopes.
  • Alpine areas.
  • Channels.
  • Riparian zones.
  • Water velocities of up to 1.3 metres per second (For greater water velocities we would recommend Grassroots).


Encourages Seed Germination

Jute Mat Fine retains moisture at the soil level, providing an ideal environment for seed germination. Prevents loss of seed by wind, water and birds.

Halts Erosion

Jute Mat Fine can be subjected to water flows of up to 1.3 metres per second.

100% Natural

Jute Mat Fine contains no synthetic materials, will not entangle wildlife or machinery, and will biodegrade over a six-month period.


Refer to our Matting Installation Guide for instructions on using Jute Mat Fine for your project.