Bunker construction in golf courses can be hampered by the movement of bunker sand on steep inclines, creating washouts. BunkerMat is designed to address this movement of sand for golf course designers and architects, when creating golf course bunkers. It works by trapping sand on steep bunker slopes to keep the playing surface intact. It also acts as a filtration barrier limiting the migration of subsoil that could contaminate the bunker sand and make it unplayable.

BunkerMat is strong and durable and will not tear when the bunker sand is raked. It is manufactured in Australia using high quality polypropylene fibres. The system is UV resistant and colourfast. It is designed for long-term durability and performance.


BunkerMat is a three-dimensional matting that is laid on the steep and complex shaped sides of bunkers. The open structure of the fibres in BunkerMat traps the sand to keep bunkers in a good playable condition. BunkerMat is also a filtration barrier which limits the migration of fines from the subsoil rising to the base of the bunker and contaminating the bunker sand, making them unplayable. The synthetic mesh backing on BunkerMat creates strength and durability in the product, thus preventing BunkerMat to tear when the bunker sand is being raked.


  • Minimises sand contamination
  • Minimises bunker face erosion
  • Reduces sand thickness required
  • Reduced maintenance required
  • UV stabilised for durability


BunkerMat is widely used in golf course facilities around the world. Our technical staff can provide guidance on installation based on your course conditions. Get in touch to find out more.

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