Thursday, 10 January 2019 - 10:30am
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An existing site comprising of a series of sludge lagoons were near impossible to get into and clean out. SA Water approached Geofabrics for a solution to be able to permanently access the ponds even after refilling and use.

Geoweb geocell cellular confinement system was proposed to the client as it was the most viable option for stabilisation of the slope over soft subgrade while keeping one lagoon online at all times. 

The site parameters and pond configuration were given to the Geoweb manufacturer, Presto, who carried out a preliminary design. The design included 150 mm deep Geoweb infilled with cement treated rubble anchored to the slope, 500 mm long, 12 mm steel rods and Atra Clips to hold the Geoweb to the rods. HDPE Atra Keys were used to join the Geoweb laterally together which meant the joins had no risk of failure due to rusting. 

SA Water requested that Geofabrics check the installation and ensure the product was installed as per our recommendations.

The Geoweb system was installed by contractor Blu-Built Constructions.

When complete, this work will improve the stability of the embankment between the two lagoons, thereby improving safety when driving heavy machinery over this embankment to clean the sludge out of the lagoons. It has also changed the shape of the embankment to improve drainage and prevent water pooling at the top of the embankment. Geoweb was an economical, fast and durable solution.



Trafficable Embankment


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