Tuesday, 25 May 2021 - 10:00am
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A new processing plant in Lae was under development in the Morobe Province in Papua New Guinea. The lead contractor on the project noticed an opportunity to create a green area around the offices that were to be constructed. After reviewing the project scope, the lead contractor recommended erosion control in the area. The client required a solution that assisted with reducing erosion, was semi permanent, and also environmentally friendly.

Due to the rainy climate, the area that the new processing plant was being constructed experienced high flooding causing the plain soil ground to erode. The slope was not stable and was prone to a high level of erosion, which could cause blockage to a spoon drain that needed to be dug at the foot of the slope causing the area to experience high flooding. In the site plans, it’s also proposed that an office driveway will be located a meter away from the slope.

Without any control or water filtration, the top soil won’t be protected from water and wind erosion. This would result in a lack of soil stability and land that’s not fertile for vegetation regrowth.

For more information, use the link below to download the full case study.

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