Selecting Liner Systems for Mine Waste and Water Storages

Course overview:

Designing a mine waste and water storage lining system has become increasingly challenging as regulations developed are now catering for applications considered to be higher risk. There are numerous factors to consider when selecting a geomembrane, drainage medium and cushion for an effective lining system. This webinar will explore the design inputs, risk considerations and material performance that must be considered to ensure a mine waste or water storage lining system is fit for purpose and performs for the desired lifetime.


Ben Lewis is the National Business Development Manager for Mining and Water. He holds a Bachelor of Civil and Structural Engineering degree from The University of Adelaide and began his career as a Civil and Geotechnical Engineer before joining Geofabrics Australasia in 2016. Ben has 7+ years’ experience working in the geosynthetic industry with extensive knowledge on selecting appropriate materials in containment applications. Over the years, Ben has been involved in a number of high-profile mining projects including the West Wallsend Coal Mine in New South Wales and the MMG Zinc Mine in Tasmania. 

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning how to choose the right geosynthetics for higher risk containment applications
  • Understanding the design inputs and risk considerations for lining systems
  • Exploring the performance of HDPE geomembranes, drainage geocompsites and cushion geotextiles in lining and containment systems


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