Building Infrastructure with Geosynthetics that Enhance Lateral Drainage

Course overview:

To understand how resilience is engineered for roadways and working surfaces, it is important to explore the four R framework: 

1. Robustness to withstand unforeseen demands

2. Redundancy to tolerate the loss or damage to a component

3. Resourcefulness to identify a problem and to respond effectively

4. Rapidity to restore functionality quickly

This presentation will examine how incorporating an enhanced lateral drainage function into geosynthetics can contribute towards building the resilience of infrastructure.


René Laprade is the Technical Marketing Manager for Solmax and has 20+ years in the geosynthetic industry with previous roles in sales and business development management. He holds a Bachelor of Applied Sciences & Engineering degree in Geotechnical Engineering from the University of Toronto and is a Professional Engineer registered in Ontario. René has authored or co-authored several papers, in which he has presented at national and international conferences and will be presenting at next month’s GeoRoma conference. He was the past Chair of the Canadian Geotechnical Society and currently serves on the Geosynthetics Institute Board of Advisors.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Learning about moisture management for roadway geosynthetics
  • Exploring the benefits of mechanical and hydraulic stabilisation in roadway designs
  • Understanding how much moisture can be removed from different subgrade soils 
Rene Laprade


Technical Marketing Manager Solmax


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