Trinet triaxial geonet is a lightweight triple layer drainage mesh used in landfills and waste containment structures. It rolls out easily over a large surface area and provides fast, efficient, high-load leachate drainage.

Trinet is a geocomposite drainage net bonded to a nonwoven geotextile provides the optimum combination of high through-flow capacity for rapid drainage whilst simultaneously preventing fine soil particles from migrating into the drainage core.  Standard Trinet is supplied with a light grade of nonwoven geotextile attached to the drainage net, however heavier grades of nonwoven geotextile can be attached for specialist applications.

Liquid Collection & Drainage

The high flow rate of geocomposite drainage nets allow rapid drainage and reduces the hydraulic head on the liner systems.

Gas Collection and Discharge

The open structure of the geocomposite drainage nets encourages gas flow, allowing effective, controlled discharge of the gases.


The thick, tough matrix of the geocomposite drainage nets provide a light-weight and durable protective layer around the outside of landfill drainage systems or pipelines.


Landfill Side Slopes & Bases

The Trinet triplanar geocomposite drainage net is ideally suited to the bases and side slopes of deep waste structures where high vertical loads are experienced and the construction of thick gravel drainage layers is difficult and expensive.
The light-weight drainage net is rolled out easily, allowing a volume saving, high flow drainage layer with a large surface area to be created quickly and efficiently.

Heap leach pads

Trinet is well suited to the high loading associated with heap leach pads. Heavy weight geotextiles can be attached to the underside of the geonet to protect the plastic base liner. 

Tunnel Drainage

The Trinet composite drainage systems are used during the construction of underground concrete lined structures (tunnels) to intercept and divert water from ingressing into the concrete structure. 

The main function of this drainage system is to reduce the hydrostatic pressure and the weight of conventional aggregate materials that place high pressures on the structure. 

The Trinet drainage system has excellent compression performance, high drainage capacity and economic, fast and easy installation, making it the most suitable technical and economical solution for tunnel drainage applications.


Trinet is manufactured to ISO 9001 standards. It’s made from high-density polyethylene and is available in rolls up to 3.7 m wide. It has a thin, lightweight design and composite construction.

Trinet has a proven track record in landfill and mining projects throughout Australia and New Zealand. It is highly durable, crush-resistant and designed to provide a high drainage capacity. Other advantages:

  • Offers a cheaper alternative to traditional granular drainage layers
  • Easy to install
  • Highly durable
  • Protects the structure from damage caused by backfill material.


The use of Trinet geocomposite drainage nets is well accepted, however the replacement of aggregate drainage systems with drainage nets should be carried out in accordance with well defined design parameters.  Geofabrics offers technical support and information for detailed evaluation and design of geocomposite drainage nets, including the testing of the drainage net with your site specific materials at our Geosynthetic Centre of Excellence.