Tensar SS geogrids have been used in most countries in the world, under a wide variety of climates and soil conditions to solve difficult ground stabilisation or site access problems. Tensar SS biaxial geogrids have been given accreditation by a number of independent government and other certifying agencies around the world and are manufactured in accordance with Quality and Environmental Management Systems.


Tensar SS biaxial geogrids are used in the stabilisation of soils and aggregates in construction of structures such as temporary roads, haul roads, working platforms and foundations. Tensar SS geogrid is also used as secondary reinforcement in reinforced soil slopes.

Other than their use for in the applications above, Tensar SS geogrids have largely been superseded by the revolutionary technology of TriAx™. Tensar TriAx geogrid offers the user improved performance, providing even more substantial cost savings. Discover more about TriAx™ by clicking here.


  • Durable and efficient
  • Reduce aggregate thickness
  • Increase pavement life
  • Control differential settlement
  • Proven technology


The installation of Tensar SS biaxial geogrid is straightforward with the geogrid able to be rolled out directly over the subgrade having removed any major protrusions such as rocks or tree stumps. Typical road aggregates are used with Tensar SS geogrids for constructing temporary roads, haul roads or working platforms.

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