The strain performance (stiffness) of the mesh is highly important in real world conditions as this determines the expected displacement of the mesh under load. A product with high tensile strength (some single twist meshes) is of limited use if it requires significant displacement in order to mobilise that resistance as this could cause serviceability failure.

The wires and ropes are coated with Zinc-Aluminium Galmac® galvanising to Class A level and can be additionally coated with a thermally bonded layer of PVC for maximum durability. Steelgrid HR has a range of system tensile strengths ranging from 50kN/m up to 180kNm. This allows projects to be both cost effective and a technically optimised solution for clients and designers alike.


Steelgrid HR can be used in both simple drapery or pinned drapery systems and in a variety of specialist geotechnical and engineering applications including slope stabilisation, rockfall protection and surface protection applications.


Rockfall drapery systems protect roads, infrastructure, mine workings and public areas from unstable rock slopes. Once installed, the system contains loose debris allowing it to fall safely to the toe of the rock slope.


  • Does not unravel if wire breakage occurs making it cost effective with low maintenance requirements
  • Flexible and versatile to match existing slope and rock profiles
  • Different levels of coating protection for durability in a wide range of environments
  • Does not inhibit regrowth of vegetation
  • Mesh is able to transmit loads directly to the top anchors and consequently reduce the stress on the mesh compared to other mesh types
  • High strength at low strain and high punch resistance at low deformation (high stiffness).


Recognising the need for ease of installation, by virtue of its construction, Steelgrid HR offers significant flexibility in terms of anchor positioning thereby saving time and cost on site. Steelgrid HR is also a single layer composite making on-site handling and installation simple and quicker.

The Steelgrid HR mesh kit is a complete system containing all the components needed to install the mesh by a specialist contractor. Maccaferri also has the capacity to colour the polymer coatings for aesthetics, reduce aperture size or manufacture rolls to suit, for site specific requirements.


To support design of rockfall protection we offer an advanced suite of software free to our clients. 
To assist engineers with the design process, the Geofabrics team of engineering specialists are available to give technical advice in the use of the software as well as provide training in-house or via seminars. 
Our team can also provide certified design if required.


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