The Maccaferri High Energy Absorption (HEA) panel is the stiffest product in the Mac.Ro systems range. Manufactured from a single continuous length of steel rope and joined at each crossing point with a high-resistance 3 mm wire double knot.

The patented ‘double knot’ exceeds the tear and pull apart resistance of traditional clips.

Due to the multi-axial performance of the HEA panel, loads are transferred effectively to the anchors on the rock slope face regardless of the anchor layout.


The HEA panels are used in secured drapery applications on rock faces where low deflection and high strength is required.

This makes HEA panels very effective for use with drapery mesh and rock anchors to stabilise rock faces. HEA panels are commonly used to contain individual unstable rocks in the order of 1-1.5m³ in size when you require confinement with minimal deformation.


  • Double knot connection for maximum strength transfer
  • Multi-axial configuration for superior multi-directional strength performance
  • High stiffness to limit rock detachment
  • Heavily galvanised for durability
  • Flexible for conforming to irregular rock shapes


HEA is supplied in panel form rolled up for ease of transport and handling. In rock face stabilisation works the HEA is installed once the anchors have been installed and the drapery mesh has been fixed in place. The rockfall netting drapery is required where detachment of rocks smaller than the HEA cable mesh aperture are expected. Panels are fixed from the top down and are laid side by side with no overlaps. A top horizontal cable having a thickness of 12-16 mm is use to support the HEA panels along the crest and anchored into position. Anchors are installed and HEA placed and fixed into position at each anchor point for treatment of individual unstable rocks.

Installation by a specialist contractor is recommended. 


To support design of rockfall protection we offer an advanced suite of software free to our clients. 
To assist engineers with the design process, the Geofabrics team of engineering specialists are available to give technical advice in the use of the software as well as provide training in-house or via seminars. 
Our team can also provide certified design if required.

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