Welded gabions are manufactured in mild steel to a minimum wire coating of 290 grams per m2 which is 10% Aluminium and 90% Zinc. The mesh is manufactured in Australia to meet gabion specification ASTM 974-97.
Geoweld has a high Aluminium content coating which over time turns the mesh into a dark grey colour - which has the benefit of absorbing light rather than reflecting it. 


Rock Walls

Architectural gabions can be used as a feature wall for any landscaping project. Using a variety of rocks and materials to create unique designs, the gabion wall can be very aesthetically appealing. They are useful to create barriers for separate areas in gardens or parks or used as seating. 

Geoweld can also be great acoustic walls when used with sound absorbing materials within the wall.

Retaining Walls

Welded gabions are traditionally used for retaining walls (up to maximum 1 metre) due to their low cost compared to conventional methods. They can be built as either mass gravity walls or as mechanically stabilised walls.

Cladding and Columns

Gabions are ideal for creating an otherwise simple concrete facade or column into an architectural structure. They can be built from a depth of  500 mm.

Onsite Installation Training

To protect the quality of your project, Geofabrics provides on-site installation training as well as guidelines and diagrams to assist contractors.


Installation methods for architectural welded mesh gabions are C ring connections with C ringer tool (available to rent) or spiral connections and braces.