Groundwater can cause significant problems for civil engineering and building related projects. Water is one of the major causes of wall and slope failures and therefore the interception of groundwater and channelling away from the structure is an important consideration for designers.


Enkadrain is a lightweight geocomposite drain that replaces traditional gravel or sand chimney drains and is designed to collect / discharge groundwater and excess surface water behind reinforced slopes and retaining walls.


  • Leading drainage composite for over four decades
  • Combines drainage, protection and filtration in one product
  • Various discharge capacities and compressive strengths available
  • Eliminates clogging of the drainage core
  • No deterioration of the boundaries associated with traditional drainage methods
  • Will not degrade over time and will not pollute the subsoil
  • Excellent durability and long-term performance
  • The product is lightweight, strong and easy to install in all weathers
  • Supplied in small rolls for ease of handling and installation


Enkadrain is supplied to site in rolls that are lightweight and easy to handle. In reinforced soil slopes Enkadrain SL is laid in strips directly onto the cut batter and connected to Megaflo panel drain at the base for collecting and discharging the water away from the structure. Having a geotextile on both sides allows Enkadrain SL to be used to intercept groundwater in reinforced soil slope and wall applications. Enkadrain SL can also be used for drainage behind low height basement walls where it is placed up against the waterproofing layer and connected into a Megaflo panel drain at the base.