Cordrain when placed up against the wall works by filtering the water from the backfill through the geotextile bonded to one side draining it down the cuspated core to a collector drain at the base of the wall to remove the water from site. The solid cuspated core provides a preferential path for water movement down to the collector drain thereby keeping the wall free from moisture contact.



Basement flooding is caused when water flows behind walls and under floors. The resulting pressure forces water through joints and cracks into the building’s structure where it causes damage. Cordrain releases this pressure by draining excess water from these areas.

Bridge Abutments

Cordrain drainage systems are ideal for vertical applications such as bridge abutments, where space is limited but high groundwater levels make water drainage necessary. Cordrain has a thick flexible structure which prevents damage from backfill material.

Retaining Walls

Cordrain is a reliable alternative to granular drainage systems traditionally used in retaining walls. The compact Cordrain system has proven more cost effective thanks to its low transportation and installation costs. 


  • Reduces hydrostatic pressure behind walls
  • Provides a vapour barrier between drainage layer and wall
  • Creates a protection layer to the waterproof membrane
  • Lightweight and flexible


Cordrain is installed with the geotextile facing the soil and cuspated HDPE sheet up against wall. The geotextile filters any water in the soil into the core of the product.