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At Geofabrics, we are proud to launch into New Zealand a geotextile that includes recycled plastics. Our New Zealand customers now have available a green and sustainable geotextile ” 

Dennis Grech, CEO and Managing Director Geofabrics Australasia


Geofabrics New Zealand Ltd, the leading distributor of geosynthetic products throughout New Zealand and Pacific Region, is pleased to introduce bidim® Eco, a new generation of geotextiles made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. The bidim® Eco is transforming post-consumer plastic bottles into a high-tech geotextile, reducing landfill use, and driving sustainability in the infrastructure industry. The recycled polymer utilises the geotextile core and wrapping to maximise the environmental benefits that enhance development projects.


Why recycled bottle grade PET into technical textiles?

The fundamental driver for the use of recycled PET bottle polymer into the highly technical geotextile end-use lies in that:


  • PET polymer itself has desirable properties – it forms a high tensile, semi-crystalline fibre, with a high melting point (>260°C) and is inherently more durable than most common polyolefin fibres
  • Bottle polymer has a high molecular mass (IV) (considerably higher than virgin textile grade), promoting a higher strength when compared to common textile grades
  • The polymer in bottle form is very consistent. The bottle production process dictates a very narrow polymer and process window and as such the polymer subject to extremely tight manufacturing quality control
  • Food contact during its primary use makes this grade highly controlled and regulated, ensuring even more consistency
  • Uniform bottle polymer “characteristics” offer predictable outcomes for subsequent processing and application


Simon Moran, Executive Director – Sales and Business Development of Geofabrics New Zealand said: “the ‘bidim® Eco’ geotextile, a variant to its existing world-leading ‘bidim®’ geotextile range, is a green innovation that comes amid increasing calls for greater sustainability in the construction and infrastructure industry.”

“Many infrastructure projects are calling for improved sustainability, and we are now able to contribute positively by helping to reduce waste to landfill, we’re proud to be offering a better solution for the New Zealand Infrastructure sector. Simply put, this is a group of New Zealanders getting together and saying - we can do better” Mr Moran said.

In conclusion, high IV PET promotes long term thermal stability, low reactivity, and high strength - hence the success of rPET recycled bottles in technical textile applications. The ability to process the high IV polymer into a useable fibre is what sets the bidim® process apart from other technologies.

The production of large diameter PET fibres, with high strength (tenacity), is what makes the bidim® process unique and technologically superior when compared to off the shelf technologies.


About Geofabrics

Geofabrics is Australasia’s largest manufacturer and distributor of geosynthetics for the building and infrastructure sectors with core capabilities across the Roads, Rail, Waste, Resources, Coastal, Water, Recreation and Slopes & Walls segments.

As the Australasian leader in geotextiles and geosynthetics, Geofabrics provides world-class technical leadership and engineering support through a focus on innovation, research, industry education, design, and independent testing services.

Geofabrics has branch footprint across Australia, New Zealand, and Papua New Guinea. Within Australia, the company has branches in every state as well as offices in strategic regional centres along the east coast staffed by Geofabrics own employees. In New Zealand, Geofabrics has offices throughout the North and South Islands.

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