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Geofabrics Australasia is Australia’s largest manufacturer and supplier of a range of highly engineered geosynthetics for the building and infrastructure sector. Its core capabilities are across the road, rail, waste, mining, coastal, water, recreation and slopes & wall segments. Geofabrics has a presence throughout Australia, New Zealand, PNG and the Pacific. A proud Australian manufacturer, Geofabrics has two manufacturing plants, one in Albury (NSW) and other in Ormeau (Queensland) and contributes to Australia’s sovereign infrastructure construction capabilities.

On every project, Geofabrics has a singular focus: to provide smarter infrastructure solutions for its clients.

Manufacturing innovative geosynthetic solutions

As the Australasian leader in geotextiles and geosynthetics, Geofabrics delivers engineering support and technical leadership through a focus on innovation, research, industry education, design and independent testing services. Simply put, Geofabrics’ products are a key component in building Australia’s critical infrastructure: our roads, railways, landfills and resources (mining, oil & gas).

One example of the products manufactured by Geofabrics is its bidim Green geotextile, a variant to its existing world-leading ‘Bidim’ range, which contains Australian-sourced recycled plastics (think of recycled drink bottles) and is a green innovation that came amid increasing calls for greater sustainability in the construction and infrastructure industry.

Both effective and economical, bidim Green is a superior geosynthetic solution for a range of engineering problems including weak soil, rutted and cracked roads, as well as liquid and gas leaks from landfill sites. It can be used for example, in the construction of roads, railways and embankments where the ground is soft and unstable. Using a layer of geotextile to separate the soft ground from the fill material reduces the amount of fill required, increases the lifespan of the road or rail structure, and reduces long-term maintenance costs. Sustainable practices save energy and money Geofabrics is committed to contributing to a positive impact on the environment and to manufacture and supply products that reduce reliance on non-renewable resources and reduce waste to landfill. This includes making the company’s use of resources more efficient through Lean manufacturing and a process of continuous improvement...

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