Friday, 4 February 2022 - 2:15pm

DATE: 4th February 2022

Yesterday the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC) announced their latest round of co-investments with the Australian Government, awarded to local manufacturers for projects that are commercialising better ways to manage and mitigate our health and security concerns, improve food and beverage operations, and make better use of our planet and its finite resources.

Leading geosynthetic manufacturer and supplier, Geofabrics Australasia Pty Ltd has been awarded a total project commitment of $607,000 ($252,000 from AMGC Commercialisation Fund) under the Recycling & Clean Energy Priority Roadmap associated with the Australian Government Modern Manufacturing Strategy.

This funding will be applied to expanding the Geofabrics Megaflo® Green product range, a flat-shaped drainage panel system made from 100% locally sourced HDPE polymer. Megaflo Green offers quick and effective drainage, removing excess water 60 per cent faster than traditional 100mm slotted round pipe. Megaflo Green is applied in major civil infrastructure projects such as road construction, rail and mining; its versatile application has been featured in iconic Australian sporting stadiums such as the Queensland Country Bank Stadium in Townsville and the Perth Optus Stadium.




Geofabrics CEO & Managing Director Dennis Grech comments:

"At Geofabrics, we are proud of our Australian heritage, and we have been manufacturing products that build our nation’s key road, rail, mining and environmental infrastructure since the mid 1980’s. More recently, we incorporate Australian sourced recycled polymer and HDPE into our products. Since mid-2020, we have utilised the equivalent of 20 million plastic bottles in making our geosynthetic product ranges.

Geofabrics have recently been recognised as Australia’s 2021 Most Innovative Manufacturing company in the Manufacturing & Consumer Goods sector. This grant, made possible through the Australian Government’s Recycling & Clean Energy National Manufacturing Priority roadmap, will add further to our capability to continue finding unique and innovative ways to remove plastic waste from landfill and waterways.

The Federal Government’s support to Geofabrics, through its Recycling & Clean Energy Priority Roadmap, will allow us to utilise more waste product, increase our exports and most importantly, secure employment for more Australians."



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