Monday, 21 November 2022 - 10:00am
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Rockfalls can be a major hazard to people and surrounding infrastructure and are difficult to contain and control. Mitigating such a risk should a rockfall adversely impact an area needs cost effective solutions such as rockfall barriers that intercept and arrest detached rocks and boulders.

Installation of Maccaferri Dynamic Rockfall Barriers (also known as catch fences) was essential to protect the properties at Patonga Creek, New South Wales (NSW). The rockfall barrier components were supplied in ‘kit form’ including panel mesh, posts, base plates, energy dissipating devices, cables, and clips. The 20m long, 110m long and 30m long rockfall barriers installed on the project have energy absorption capacities of 100kJ, 750kJ and 1000kJ respectively.

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