Tuesday, 5 April 2022 - 3:00pm
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Geofabrics Elcorock® Geotextile Sand Containers have a long-standing relationship with Maroochydore, more specifically, where the natural Maroochy River meets the ocean. This natural river system is dynamic and meanders North and South historically, which can result in changing beach profile and erosion - threatening infrastructure and property. This erosion is exacerbated by king tides and storm events.

In 2001, an emergency sea wall and a groyne were built for immediate protection of the Cotton Tree Holiday Park as it was at threat of an inundation from king tides and storm events. For 20 years, the Geofabrics Elcorock Geotextile Sand Containers system performed as designed and were widely accepted by the community. Eventually, large wave events caused minor displacement to the upper layers of the groynes.

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