Jute Mat Thick is the robust weed and erosion control geotextile made of natural jute fibres. Jute Mat Thick acts as a mulch, providing weed suppression and moisture retention to enhance plant establishment, while protecting the topsoil from erosion.

Jute Mat Thick is 100% natural and will biodegrade over time.


A natural mulch mat for weed and erosion control, ideal for:

  • Slopes up to 1:1 grades.
  • Garden and revegetating beds.
  • Wetlands and riparian batters.
  • Coastal and high-wind sites.


Halts Erosion

Exposed soils are protected with biodegradable Jute Mat Thick, providing erosion control.


Jute Mat Thick acts as a roll-on mulch, adding organic matter to the soil as it breaks down. Suppressing most weeds while planted vegetation is establishing.

Retains Water

Jute Mat Thick greatly reduces moisture loss due to evaporation, and conforms to the contours of the ground.

100% Natural

Jute Mat Thick contains no plastic meshes and will not entangle wildlife or machinery.

Other Advantages

Reduces heat absorption, helping to protect plants. Flexible and strong when being laid.


Refer to our Matting Installation Guide for instructions on using Jute Mat Thick for your project.

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