Biomac Woolmulch provides erosion protection to the soil during the establishment of the plant root structure. Biomac Woolmulch being a wool product insulates and helps prevent moisture loss from the soil. Biomac Woolmulch is a fully biodegradable and is sufficiently thick to help suppress weed growth as well as release valuable plant nutrients as the mat degrades.


Biomac Woolmulch is a biodegradable 100% wool matting used in the establishment of trees, shrubs and groundcovers in landscape plantings.

Biomac Woolmuch is well suited for use in commercial and domestic landscaping, horticulture and re-vegetation applications.

Biomac Woolmuch is ideal for erosion control on planted slopes located along road edges and in industrial and residential sites.


  • Wool provides insulation for improved plant growth
  • Inhibits the development of weeds during early plant growth
  • Increase soil water retention
  • Nutrients for plant growth are released for improved plant growth
  • Environmental benefits using a renewable resource


Biomac Woolmulch is installed over well prepared soil and firmly fixed in place to ensure good intermit contact. It can be placed around the base of plants or holes can be cut into the mat after installation for individual plantings.