Silt Fence and Super Silt Fence is a long-lasting barrier used to retain silt and sediment and avoid silt pollution into rivers, drains and sensitive environments.


Silt Fence and Super Silt Fence is used to prevent silt movement caused by wind or water flows over exposed soil from entering waterways and infrastructure such as stormwater pipes.


Prevents sediment movement from:

  • Soil stockpiles
  • Swale drains
  • Riparian batters
  • Spillways
  • Floodways


  • Compliant with local Council guidelines
  • Light easy to handle rolls
  • Full range of accessories for easy install
  • High filtration properties
  • Robust construction
  • Versatile for different size inlets
  • Portable for rapid deployment
  • Reusable


Silt Fence and Super Silt Fence can be supplied with a full complement of silt fence accessories including Steel Y Posts, 2.5mm tensioning wire and safety caps. Silt Fences are typically installed on earthworks sites at the downstream boundary or immediately downstream of soil stockpiles.

The installation of silt fences follows local sediment control guidelines where supporting post spacing is typically no more than 2m apart and the silt fence extends to a height of 600mm above ground. Geofabrics supplied accessories provide support to the silt fence to meet the local council requirements. In all cases regular maintenance of silt fences is required which includes inspections after storms and removal of excessive silt deposits.