Migration and spreading of plant roots can cause costly damage to roads, parking areas, building foundations and buried installations. The use of Root Block can be used to provide a barrier to shallow root movement thus reducing uplift of paved areas.


The dimpled finish and robust nature of Root Barrier provides an effective contact with the surrounding soil and is able to direct root movement downwards to encourage deep rooting to anchor trees and avoid root circling.


Root Barrier is laid in an excavated trench or within a planter box at a distance to offer the protection to the foundations of roads, driveways, paved area and buildings.


  • High mechanical resistance
  • High frictional resistance with surrounding soil
  • High resistance to chemical attack
  • High resistance to biological effects
  • Lightweight for ease of handling


Root Barrier is supplied in different widths to match the application requirement. Sealing of joints can be carried out with double sided butyl tape or through heat welding techniques.