The range of LamGrid Green products are used in rail and road application areas with high water levels, soft subgrade soils or when the granular fill is of poor quality.

The LamGrid Green system is combined with aggregate fill to create a mechanically stabilised layer (MSL) that is significantly stiffer and more robust than a conventional unbound aggregate layer. The enhanced structural characteristics of the MSL allows the designer to obtain greater performance from the whole pavement structure. This results in more economical construction, reduced risk, improved performance and longer life.



Tensar geogrids provide optimum performance due to superior interlock and lateral confinement of the granular fill. This results in a stiff mechanically stabilised layer; capable of controlling differential settlement, reducing road fill depths, capping weak deposits and increasing bearing


Two distinct soils or different materials are separated and prevented from intermixing which maintains the performance of the individual materials.


The migration of fine soil particles is restricted while remaining permeable to water movement at a rate at least equivalent to the permeability of the retained soil.


Faster installation by combining bidim Green and Tensar geogrids geocomposites, compared to installing two conventional separate layers.

Improved cost benefits by 

  • Reducing aggregate layer thickness by up to 30% when compared with an unstabilised aggregate layer
  • Reducing the need for excavation and transportation of poor subgrade materials
  • Increasing bearing capacity allowing for higher loads

Increased service life by 3 times or more with a mechanically stabilised layer, reducing long-term maintenance costs by up to 50%. 

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