Enkamat is designed to help nature develop strong vegetation for permanent erosion protection of slopes, rivers, banks, ditches, channels, spillways, landfills, shorelines and other vulnerable erosion-prone areas.

The tough filament core structure which has >95% open voids is unique to Enkamat and this allows soil to be contained within the mat effectively preventing it from being eroded away by rain or wind.

Since Enkamat already offers adequate protection before any vegetation is established, it is often used to protect new or repaired embankments and slopes.


Enkamat’s filament core structure slows down wind speed and percolating water, thus preventing erosion and even promoting sedimentation.

Other advantages of Enkamat:

  • Excellent bonding of individual filaments for increase strength
  • Over 90% voids for soil holding capacity
  • High resistance to weathering and UV
  • Low flammability


Enkamat is laid on prepared ground and stapled into position ensuring good intimate contact with the soil. Seeding can take place during the soil filling or hydro seeding can be carried out after soil filling. Enkamat prevents erosion on embankments, slopes and river banks. On steep or rocky slopes and on smooth surfaces such as geomembranes, Enkamat is an effective and dependable grip layer that retains soil and supports protective vegetation.