Enduraseal Trackmat is a three layered laminated geosynthetic which provides a simple and cost-effective solution for maintaining a clean, environmentally safe site that also delivers maximum protection.


Enduraseal Trackmat is a highly durable mat which is placed over the ballast and sleepers at lubricating system locations. When adequately secured to the track, between and adjacent to the rail lines, it requires little or no maintenance. It is easily removed, disposed of and replaced when the level of contamination requires.


The highly durable mat consists of a high density LLDPE film sandwiched between and protected by two layers of bidim polyester geotextile. The film is a completely impermeable barrier which prevents lubricants penetrating into the underlying ballast and soil. The polyester geotextile is highly resistant to ultraviolet deterioration, puncture and excessive temperatures. It easily absorbs grease and oils.


  • EnduraSeal can easily be made waterproof at overlaps and joins with use of the Geofabrics glue laminating system. The system is available to hire exclusively from Geofabrics and it doesn't require any specialist skills or expertise to operate. 
  • Geofabrics aims to have EnduraSeal in stock ready for when you need it. This means you don't need to store large quantities of stock or tie up capital in stock holdings.
  • EnduraSeal is supported by technical assistance from our Geofabrics engineers. Installation equipment is also available to help ensure efficient and correct installation.
  • EnduraSeal is manufactured in Albury at Geofabrics' award winning factory. 


Enduraseal Trackmat is supplied in packs consisting of three mats per pack in roll form.

  • 1 x mat to be placed centrally between the rail lines
  • 2 x mats to be placed externally alongside the rail lines
Description Centre Mat Side Mat
Narrow Gauge 1.1 m x 25.0 m 0.45 m x 25.0 m
Standard Gauge 1.5 m x 25.0 m 0.50 m x 25.0 m
Broad Gauge 1.6 m x 25.0 m 0.45 m x 25.0 m

Prior to installing Enduraseal Trackmat, wedge appropriate sized timbers in the ballast layer and against the sleeper so the timber is held securely in place. Place the timbers at approximately 5 metre centres. The total coverage length is 25 metres.

Lay the Enduraseal Trackmats, Centre Mats and Side Mats, directly over the ballast layer and secure them to the timbers with appropriate screws to prevent Trackmats lifting when trains pass.

Install lubricators directly over the Trackmats.