bidim nonwoven geotextiles provide an effective, economical solution to a range of engineering problems including weak soil, rutted and cracked roads and liquid and gas leaks from landfill sites. All bidim nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured in Australia to ISO 9001 standards and is supported by a rigorous QA process as well as being designed to meet the requirements of NZ Transport Agency TNZF/7 Specification.


bidim nonwoven geotextiles provide excellent filtration and features a strong three-dimensional structure with high elongation. bidim nonwoven geotextiles also have a high melting point and high UV resistance.


bidim nonwoven geotextiles have a three-dimensional structure designed to improve drainage performance. Ideal for use in subsoil drainage systems, bidim will assist in the removal of water from road and railway works, sports fields and behind retaining walls.


bidim nonwoven geotextiles are used in the construction of roads, railways and embankments where the ground is soft and unstable. Using a layer of geotextile to separate the soft ground from the fill material will reduce the amount of fill required, increase the life span of the road or rail structure and cut long-term maintenance costs.


bidim nonwoven geotextiles are highly porous, allowing water to pass through while preventing soil migration. When used in revetment and subsoil drainage projects, bidim geotextiles are more cost effective than natural filters.


Using heavyweight bidim nonwoven geotextiles in landfills extends the life of the lining system by protecting it from punctures and excessive deformation. The geotextile acts as a cushioning and stress relieving layer, minimising the chances of leakage in the long term.



The loss of soil from behind a revetment will have an adverse effect on the stability and effectiveness of any revetment. Due to their ease of construction and low cost, geotextiles have replaced granular filters in revetment applications; with the nonwoven geotextile acting as a natural graded filter. bidim geotextiles are designed to resist impact damage and to retain soil particles without significantly reducing the permeability requirements of the revetment.


The ingress of water into road pavements poses the most significant damage potential to any road; therefore rapid removal of this water is of the utmost importance. Standard road construction practice requires the inclusion of road edge drainage systems which incorporate geotextiles; in order to optimise performance of these drains a geotextile with high flow rates is desirable. The three dimensional structure of the nonwoven geotextile provides numerous flow paths, with the result that bidim geotextiles allow water to flow at rates which exceed most natural materials it is placed in contact with.


High quality fill material can become contaminated when it is placed directly in contact with a soft or poor quality ground; the result being a loss of performance of the fill material. In order to limit the contamination and subsequent strength loss, geotextiles are used to separate the two distinct materials. Construction in this environment can place the geotextile separator under high stress with forces from rock placement and equipment loads needing to be transferred into the poor quality material. bidim geotextiles are ideal for this application as it combines high elongation with high strength to provide unsurpassed toughness and survivability characteristics.

Liner Protection

Heavy duty geotextiles are used to prevent damage to impermeable liners designed to contain harmful liquors in landfill and mining applications; the design of the liner system needs to limit the chance of punctures during installation and reduce the risk of long term stress cracking of the geomembrane. Research has shown that bidim geotextiles can significantly reduce forces placed on the impermeable liners, protecting them in both the short and long term.


Reduced Cost

The incorporation of bidim geotextiles reduces the need for quarried fill materials and reduces construction times over swampy ground.
Tightly rolled wide rolls can result in significant transportation cost savings.


bidim geotextiles are supplied fully wrapped in rolls up to 6m in width to minimise wastage and laps. Installation can be assisted with the use of a Geofabrics supplied spreader bar. For more detailed installation instruction refer to our comprehensive Storage & Installation guide.