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At Geofabrics, we are proud to launch into Australia and to offshore customers a geotextile that includes Australian sourced recycled plastics. Our customers now have a green, sustainable and Australian made geotextile in addition to our Megaflo pipe range that is also Australian made and made from 100% recycled Australian plastics. ” - Dennis Grech, CEO and Managing Director of Geofabrics Australasia


About Geofabrics

Geofabrics Australasia, a company registered in Australia with trading and manufacturing operations through-out Australia, provides geosynthetic products for the construction and maintenance of infrastructure projects in Australia and through-out the world. Geofabrics commenced operations in Australia in 1978 and commenced manufacturing in Albury, NSW in 1986.


The bidim® Geotextile range

Bidim geotextile is the most well-known nonwoven geotextile product on the market today. It leads the way in terms of technical performance and versatility and has applications in virtually every civil engineering construction project. It provides drainage, separation, filtration and protection on large scale infrastructure projects in the construction of our national roads and railways, in our nation’s mining infrastructure as well as in smaller applications such as residential, plumbing and landscaping. Bidim nonwoven geotextiles are manufactured in Australia to ISO 9001 standards. It is manufactured in Albury NSW by a workforce of 55 employees.


bidim® Green

Bidim has historically been manufactured with polymer sourced from offshore markets. Bidim Green is a product enhancement that will replace between 500 – 1,000 tonnes of offshore sourced polymer with Australian sourced recycled plastics.


What does this mean for Australia?


  • A significant contribution from an Australian manufacturer to utilise Australian sourced recycled materials and “re-shore” imported, non-recycled product into an Australian sourced recycled product source


  • The significant volume of recycled Australian plastics expected to be drawn down in the first year post launch of bidim® Green will create and strengthen an Australian recycling supply chain. Bidim® Green will provide the plastics recycling market with volume and mature Australia’s capability in plastics recycling


  • Geofabrics is the only manufacturer of geotextiles in Australia and competes exclusively with product sourced largely from Asian markets.


  • Bidim® Green will be applied to laminated product also manufactured in Albury (geotextile laminated or glued to a grid or net product) that has strong export market potential


  • Export bans on waste plastic, paper, glass and tyres are now effective and in the absence of companies such as Geofabrics innovating around existing products and seeking opportunities to replace virgin material for recycled material, Australian waste will continue to require new infrastructure to build new landfills through-out the country. Australian manufacturers have a responsibility to find effective sources of utilizing waste in Australian made products


  • Reduction in dependency of Australian manufacturers on international supply chains. Geofabrics contribution to “in-sourcing” an Australian sourced supply chain and preserving and creating jobs in Australia


  • Promotion of Australian research and development capability. A project team at the Albury manufacturing plant created the ideation, then execution and product development of bidim® Green. A wonderful example of Australian manufacturing and innovation ingenuity to help solve a significant country problem – waste to landfill


  • Each Australian state-based road authority has a mandate to maximise the level of recycled products used during road maintenance and construction, while still maintaining the quality of the roads. Bidim® Green makes this aspiration a reality


  • Geofabrics is the Australian Manufacturer of the Year – Industrial Products in 2016 and the Australian Exporter of the Year – Environmental Solutions in 2019


At Geofabrics we pride ourselves in providing Australia with innovative solutions in geosynthetics and social responsibility in protecting our environment. “bidim Green” is providing a solution that will be buried in the ground to serve a design and safety purpose whether in a road, bridge or landfill and not buried in a waste cell to fill a void.  Household plastic containers can now be disposed knowing that they will be used to build our future infrastructure in Australia and the World. Bidim Green – MADE IN AUSTRALIA, By AUSTRALIANS FROM Australian Recycled plastics. ” 
- Peter Tzelepis, Executive Director - Sales and Business Development, Geofabrics Australasia


Please get in contact at or with your local sales engineer if you would like to learn more about bidim® Green.

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