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Geofabrics responds to Concrete Canvas Patent Success – Eurobent’s Second Appeal Dismissed

Geofabrics Australasia Pty Ltd (“Geofabrics”) is the exclusive distributor in the territory of Australia and New Zealand of the Concrete Canvas range of geosynthetic products.

In April 2018 a Polish court granted a preliminary injunction against Eurobent Sp.zo.o – the manufacturer of Tiltex TM (a cement / sand filled GCL product marketed as GCCM – Geosynthetic Cementitious Composite Mat) to refrain from infringement of Concrete Canvas Technology Ltd’s patent PL/EP 2027319 (including the prohibition of manufacturing Tiltex TM). The preliminary injunction has been final and binding since June 2018.

A decision was made by the Court of Appeal in Wroclaw on 31 January 2020 to dismiss Eurobent’s appeal against the decision of the Regional Court of Legnica dated 4 November 2019, which dismissed Eurobent’s previous motion for reversal of the final patent infringement order. This decision is final and no further appeals are permitted.


Dennis Grech - Geofabrics Australasia CEO & Managing Director Response to Concrete Canvas Patent Success

It is wonderful that the court is upholding the intellectual property rights of, our partner, Concrete Canvas’s product portfolio. As an Australian manufacturer, Geofabrics has an intimate understanding of what it means to innovate, create and nurture a product from concept, to design and then, to commercialisation. Uniqueness in technology and the spirit of innovation must be protected to encourage best in class companies to invest in innovation. These traits are fundamental to Geofabrics and Concrete Canvas.

Our civil infrastructure (road and rail), mining and petrochemical customers not only demand geosynthetic products that are strong in quality and design, but also, demand products that are offered into their infrastructure projects in full compliance with prevailing regulations and laws and certainly, not in breach of existing patents. The court’s decision is final and the Australian and New Zealand civil engineering community will celebrate it.

Our customers deserve quality products which are compliant with the laws of the land. At Geofabrics, we and Concrete Canvas uphold those values in everything we do. To find out more about the Concrete Canvas product range, please visit or call into one of our branches located through-out Australia and New Zealand.

Dennis Grech
CEO & Managing Director


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