Tuesday, 22 December 2020 - 3:15pm
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When storms hit the east coast of Australia last week, the impact was significant for the Byron Bay community. Beaches that were already experiencing coastal erosion were impacted further, as strong winds and rain swept away the coastline.

Businesses prepared for the worst but were relieved to find that the coastal protection system installed by the local council the month prior had reduced the amount of damage considerably.

Installed in November, the ELCOROCK® Coastal Protection System consists of sand-filled geotextile containers built to form a stabilising, defensive barrier against coastal erosion. The containers are durable and can withstand coastal abrasion, UV degredation and severe strom activity according to the correct size selection and design.

With news headlines liked ‘Sandbags Saved Us From Death’, there are calls from community groups, like No Rocks For Hervey Bay Beaches, to put a stop to local councils using rock walls for shoreline protection in favour of using Australian made geotextile sand containers like ELCOROCK®.

ELCOROCK® is safe for communities and beach goers. There are several advantages over traditional sea wall methods, including reduced beach contamination from loose rock. Once installed, the containers allow for coastline rehabilitation by helping to diffuse the wave energy.

Geofabrics have made a significant investment in collaborative performance analysis with institutions such as the Water Research Laboratory of NSW in order to validate the stability and engineering criteria, delivering confidence and peace of mind to the end user.

With more than thirty years of direct field application throughout Australia, New Zealand, the Pacific islands and beyond, ELCOROCK® has built a reputation for durability, performance and confidence in providing an engineered and aesthetically pleasing solution to increased storm activity, sea level rise and coastal inundation. - Simon Restall, Business Development Manager

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