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Synthetic Sports Field Formation

MacDrain Sport and MacSport are high-performance planer geocomposites, specifically designed for the drainage system beneath synthetic turf pitches, to replace traditional solution of aggregates and drainage pipes.

MacDrain Sport and MacSport also provide excellent elastic and rebound performance that is crucial for the safety of sportspeople using the pitch. Predictable ball behaviour (bounce height, roll etc.) and year-round operation of the facility are additional advantages.


  • High drainage capacity and excellent resistance to compression during the laying of the synthetic turf.
  • Quick and easy to install, with no need to move soil or gravel in the worksite.
  • Significant cost saving when compared to traditional drainage systems using aggregates.
  • Fitted in over 450 pitches in Italy and worldwide.
  • Approval in compliance with the new FIGC LND Regulations (Italian National Amateur League) for synthetic turf football pitches.
  • CE Marking

MacDrain Sport and MacSport provide excellent impact performance in compliance with FIFA, World Rugby and other association Quality Programme requirements for Synthetic Turf.

EnduraSeal is a geocomposite liner designed for use in Synthetic Turf sportsfields to protect the synthetic grass system from subgrade moisture variations which can lead to differential settlement, especially in expansive soils. EnduraSeal is easy to install with the use of the Geofabrics glue laminating system removing the need for complex wedge welding on-site by specialist lining installers.