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Stormwater Detention & Harvesting

ecoAID® is an underground modular stormwater management system used to detain, infiltrate or harvest stormwater run-off and also provides stormwater treatment by utilising an internal gross pollutant and sediment trap via a designated inlet row called a ‘Catch-All-Row” (C-A-R). The dual function of stormwater collection and treatment allows the engineer to optimise their drainage layout by minimising the number of external manhole pits required on-site with the added benefit of omitting any need for upstream gross pollutant and sediment traps.

ecoAID® underground stormwater chambers offer an effective solution for sustainable capture, detention and storage of stormwater for use in irrigation of sports fields and golf courses.

ecoAID® is exceptionally strong and robust water storage and treatment system that is designed to be used under public roads and highways, car parks, sports fields and public open spaces, providing the asset owner with opportunities to save valuable land space and protect our natural waterways from the damaging effects of pollution from new and existing developments.

The ecoAID® system is manufactured in Australia making it a cost-effective alternative to imported systems whilst providing the customer with shorter lead times to site, whilst supporting the local economy by boosting the Australian manufacturing industry.

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