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Natural Turf Drainage - Sports Fields 

Megaflo® Green flat panel drainage system has been installed in sports fields all around the world, including Cape Town Soccer Stadium for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.

Megaflo® Green offers increased drainage performance when compared to a conventional round pipe. Megaflo® Green's large surface area design results in a water removal rate of almost twice that of a 100 mm round pipe.

The increased drainage performance of Megaflo® Green means that sports field surfaces are quickly returned to a playable condition even in wet weather.

A distinct benefit of the Megaflo® Green  rigid flat panel drainage solution is its ease of installation.  Its trench-less installation method means that once a surface has been prepared and levelled, the Megaflo® Green panel drain can then be laid without disrupting the base level. With no trenches to dig, this means there is no need for gravel backfill and no disposal of trench spoils, resulting in a significant reduction in installation costs.