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Bunker Formation and Golf Green Drainage

In the past, creating bunkers with more curves and steeper profiles meant higher maintenance costs as they were more challenging to maintain. Holding imported bunker sand on steep side slopes is possible using BunkerMat®, a specially manufactured open synthetic mat which traps sand and keeps the bunker face intact.


The effective removal of excess water from the base of bunkers is essential to prevent sand loss. Geofabrics Megaflo® Green flat panel drainage system is USGA approved and has proven high inflow surface area. Generally, this is laid in a herringbone pattern, and with its high compressive strength, it is laid as a flat panel pipe. Megaflo® Green can also be used in the base of bunkers to prevent bunker flooding in high rainfall events.  

It can be used in conjunction with bidim® Green geotextile which acts as a separator to prevent bunker sand contamination from the subgrade below. Both BunkerMat® and Megaflo®  have been used in championship golf courses around the world.

Putting Greens

Megaflo® is a USGA approved drainage system that is used as a flat panel drainage pipe used in the base of golf greens. 

Ornamental Lakes and Water Hazards

Geofabrics’ Elcoseal® Geosynhetic Clay Liner (GCL) is ideally suited for lining ponds as it offers an easy to install solution, which can match almost any pond profile. GCL’s do not require specialist joining techniques, and flexible manufacturing is available to suit projectspecific requirements, further reducing installation costs