Mirafi PP range of woven geotextiles is manufactured from UV stabilised polypropylene tapes. Mirafi® PP woven geotextiles are typically used in unpaved roads and hardstand stabilisation applications where separation and reinforcement functions are required.


Mirafi PP is resistant to chemicals commonly encountered in the ground for most applications and well as being able to be used in a wide range pH conditions making it well suited for use in temporary pavements and forestry roads. It is also suited for temporary sediment control works and landscaping applications.

  • Durable and high damage resistance
  • Cost effective for site access applications
  • High resistance to soil environments


Mirafi PP has the ability to separate the soft subgrade from the imported aggregate subbase and at the same time providing reinforcement for applications such as temporary haul roads, unpaved access roads, forestry roads and hardstand areas.


Mirafi PP is supplied in wide widths to minimise on-site wastage. All protrusions such as tree stumps and rocks should be removed from the site prior to laying Mirafi® PP is a woven geotextile.