• Agriculture pits and ponds
  • Animal drinking water tanks and ponds
  • Aquaculture
  • Baffle curtains
  • Biogas collection
  • Decorative ponds
  • Erosion control and soil stabilisation
  • Evaporation ponds
  • Floating covers
  • Industrial leachate and collection ponds
  • Industrial water containment
  • Irrigation ponds
  • Mining applications.


Scrim-reinforced CoolPro liners are lightweight, allowing the flexibility to fabricate very large panels while minimizing field seaming. Compared to other synthetic geomembranes, this advantage leads to significant quality and cost benefits. CoolPro is flexible and not prone to environmental stress cracking like other materials such as HDPE. It does not have plasticizers, which can leach and cause cracking, and contours better to ground slopes. CoolPro’s reinforcement allows for very high mechanical properties such as tear and puncture in easier to handle, thinner gauges, versus other materials.

CoolPro is offered in thicknesses from 20 mils to 100 mils, and in black, tan, and white, with customer colors available. CoolPro is also offered in a non-reinforced option for flashing applications. CoolPro is also:

  • UV and flame resistant
  • Weldable by heat, RF, and wedge
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Excellent outdoor service life with applicable warranties.
  • Highly chemical resistant
  • Contains a high resin to fabric ratio
  • No adhesive coats needed.


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