Tuesday, 7 September 2021 - 1:45pm
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The Geofabrics University™: Launching October 5

Earn CPD hours, expand your knowledge and maintain up-to-date technical skills to further your career.

If you are working with geosynthetics and geotextiles, you'll be able to expand your understanding and gain practical knowledge through the new Geofabrics University, while earning CPD hours.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD) helps you expand knowledge, maintain up-to-date technical skills and further your career. CPD is required to attain and maintain Chartered Status - a minimum of 150 CPD hours is required over a three-year period.

Earn CPD hours by learning from our team of highly experienced and knowledgeable engineers, scientists and researchers from the Geofabrics' Centre for Geosynthetic Research, Innovation & Development (GRID).

The Geofabrics University team is a highly experienced and knowledgeable group of engineers, scientists and researchers from Geofabrics' Centre for Geosynthetic Research, Innovation & Development (GRID). The GRID is a specialist R&D laboratory that can work with clients to develop and test the right geosynthetic solution for their complex problem.

Geofabrics University Courses will be practical in nature for real-world projects. As leaders in our industry, we believe it is our role to provide technical and practical education to engineers about the use of geosynthetics in infrastructure projects. Ensuring the latest innovations are understood and utilised by the industry.

Dennis Grech, CEO adds "At Geofabrics, we want our customers to receive the best knowledge and advice in designing and installing products in their projects. The Geofabrics University will inform and educate our customers, the broader engineering community, and the next wave of engineers on product standards, product performance and the risks associated with getting it wrong.

The Geofabrics Centre for Geosynthetics Research, Innovation and Development, the GRID, is the only geosynthetic centre of excellence in Australia and the broader Pacific region. The Geofabrics University will, for the first time, provide access to this wonderful geosynthetic knowledge bank to promote our industry, best practices and industry standards."

The Geofabrics University is open to everyone and over time, it will provide a library of complimentary resources. Live webinars with live Q&A and pre-recorded content will ensure you can pick and choose how to engage with Geofabrics University.

At the end of each course, you receive a certificate outlining the course name and CPD hours.

The Geofabrics University webinar series officially launches Tuesday 5 October - registration information to come. 


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