Thursday, 27 October 2016 - 12:30am
New Zealand

In 2014/15 over $1 billion was spent by Australian rail asset owners and operators on track maintenance works. However, a recent report prepared by industry leading cost consultants, WT Partnership, has shown that a reduction in maintenance costs can be achieved if asset owners and operators embraced innovative geosynthetic solutions to reduce whole of life costs.

WT Partnership’s report, Track Formation Rehabilitation Options (Geofabrics) – Cost Options and Whole of Life Comparisons (June 2016), compared a range of different scenarios using Geosynthetics on a typical 200 metre long section of track. The study investigated three capital works life span replacement intervals: 15, 20, 25 and 40 years comparing 11 different scenarios, eight using different geosynthetic solutions against three conventional maintenance options.

Each geosynthetic solution scenario is backed by local and international research and case studies demonstrating a reduction in maintenance cycles achieved through a combination of prevention of mud pumping, control of track geometry and rail alignment plus stabilisation of ballast and sub-base.

At a 15 year lifespan a geosynthetic solution delivers a cost saving of up to 70% when compared to a conventional maintenance method, potentially save up to AU$4.3 million.

For more information and to obtain a detailed summary of the report contact Greg Farrell on t: 0419 343 955 or e: 

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