Geofabrics has a history of innovation. From the first roll of bidim at our Albury plant to today, we have innovated to make our products better and easier to install. Our Centre of Excellence provides unparalleled technical support to civil projects.

We have always innovated, and yet innovation wasn't always something we thought about, nor was it something we placed much emphasis on.

Now, we are focussed.

We love to collaborate. We collaborated with Imagine IM to develop the first graphene coated nonwoven geotextile in the world, bidim C. bidim C is currently being used for leak detection of geomembrane but will evolve into a smart geotextile, able to collect data on temperature, moisture, pressure and strain. We are collaborating with engineering design firms, fibre scientists, research institutions, mining companies, clients and other manufacturers to solve real problems.

And we want to collaborate with you. We want to combine our expertise. What good is an idea if it lays dormant? We don't have all the answers, but we know what we do really well. Together, we can take innovation to the next level.